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Shi Pau Soon• Timely Word •

An Invitation to Mentoring​

By 26 January 2021February 3rd, 2021No Comments

The lion cubs watch intently how the lionesses stalk a prey; positioning themselves away from the wind that will carry their scents to alert the prey; moving stealthily to close the distance; waiting patiently; freezing their movement before an explosive sprint to mercilessly pound on the prey with the shortest chase. These skills and others are learnt over a passage of time. They will help the lions survive in the wild.

The word of God is the staple food for Christians, and “young” Christians will do well to learn how to “catch” the meaning and the application of the word by learning from mature Christians.

The application of the word is part and parcel of the transformational power of scripture. For the evidence of a transformed life is seen in scripture being lived out. We live in community; we interact with people. People are drawn to us, ambivalent towards us or are repulsed by us. The exercise of our Christian graces – social skills of meekness and boldness; the grace of giving and receiving; contentment in plenty and in need; loving encouragement and correction; sharing of joy and grief; applying the beatitudes; humility in considering others better and yet not debasing ourselves; joy even in the midst of pain; persevering in suffering, etc., will, with the help of God draw people toward us so that we can point them to Jesus in good time.

It is much more effective to learn the above from walking with a mature Christian. You’ll see Scripture applied and your transformation will be hastened. 

Do not be shy to ask for someone to walk alongside you. For those who have been approached to be an guide, I hope you will graciously say “come and see”. No pretense, no putting on a show, just you living out the gospel to glorify God. This is discipleship in its most elementary and powerful workout as Jesus has shown us in John 1. 

By Brother Shi Pau Soon​