Timely Word

Serin Chng• Timely Word •
10 November 2018

Save the World…

This advertisement “Let’s Waste Less Today” was pinned on each cabin of the MRT train. The message was loud and clear. My friends captured the message to waste less. So…
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Samuel Lin• Timely Word •
3 November 2018

Reaching Out

Last weekend, we went out to visit the residents around our church. This was the 3rd and final Neighbourhood Visit this year. It was very heartening to hear the various…
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Dion Goh• Timely Word •
27 October 2018

Becoming God’s Prodigal

We often associate the word prodigal with wastefulness, recklessness, loose living and other negative terms. The younger son, in the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-31) illustrates this word…
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Andrew Yap• Timely Word •
20 October 2018

Lessons from The Parable of the Good Samaritan

Jesus had intentionally chosen the central figure in this parable – a Samaritan – to teach the religious lawyer (in Luke 10:25-37) and us some important lessons. To the Jews…
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Ong Kiat Hoe• Timely Word •
14 October 2018

The “O” in between

Recently I attended a beautiful wedding. The groom “G” was marrying “D”. As I was thinking about and praying for the couple in the morning, it came to mind that…
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Rick Toh• Timely Word •
6 October 2018

Prioritizing My Family

Not too long ago, I spent my birthday with my family. I was glad that I did that. My family members threw me a surprise birthday celebration. They bought my…
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Ronald Wong• Timely Word •
29 September 2018

Stay/Leave The Comfort Zone

A Christian Lebanese lady was asked by her church to help serve the Syrian refugees in the community. She refused. She hated the Syrians. Her husband and child were killed…
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Aaron Lee• Timely Word •
22 September 2018

Only a Disciple Can Make a Disciple

In 2003 a young Christian man by the name of Dane T. was walking around his neighbourhood in Aiea on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. On street corners, playgrounds and…
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