Pulpit Schedule

6-Jan-18 7-Jan-18 AIM Community Special
13-Jan-18 14-Jan-18 God’s Word – Our Daily Bread Habits of Grace
20-Jan-18 21-Jan-18 Prayer – Friendship with God Habits of Grace
27-Jan-18 28-Jan-18 Outreach – The Commission we need Habits of Grace
3-Feb-18 4-Feb-18 Prov 27:17, Col 3:12-17 Fellowship – Iron Sharpens Iron Habits of Grace
10-Feb-18 11-Feb-18 Prayer – Fasting and Silence Habits of Grace
18-Feb-18 The gift of giving Habits of Grace
24-Feb-18 25-Feb-18 Heb 10:24-25 Worship – Why gather to worship? Habits of Grace
3-Mar-18 4-Mar-18 Acts 1:1-11 You will be my witnesses Book of Acts
10-Mar-18 11-Mar-18 Acts 1:12 – 2:13 The Spirit poured out: Empowerment for mission Book of Acts
17-Mar-18 18-Mar-18 Acts 2:14-41 Speak up: The message poured out Book of Acts
24-Mar-18 25-Mar-18 Acts 2:42 – 3:26 The Growing Church Book of Acts
1-Apr-18 Love Crucified Arose (Evangelistic) Special
7-Apr-18 8-Apr-18 Does God exists? Evolution or Creation? Where does God come from? Life Questions
 14-Apr-18 15-Apr-18 Is God good? Why is there suffering and evil? Why is there hell? Life Questions
21-Apr-18 21-Apr-18 Is the Bible trustworthy? Life Questions
28-Apr-18 29-Apr-18 Is Jesus really God? Is He really the way to salvation? Life Questions
6-May-18 The Importance of Church membership I Habits of Grace
12-May-18 13-May-18 Acts 4:32-35, 5:1-11 Challenges within: Maintaining purity in church Book of Acts
19-May-18 20-May-18 Acts 4:1-31, 5:17-42 Challenges outside: Persecution Book of Acts
26-May-18 27-May-18 Acts 6-7 Right Priorities: Fulfilling God-given responsibilities Book of Acts
2-Jun-18 3-Jun-18 Acts 8 – 9:19a Evangelism Explosion Book of Acts
9-Jun-18 10-Jun-18 Authentic Sexuality in the Global City God’s design
16-Jun-18 17-Jun-18 Hearing God – The Father’s Heart Church Camp
23-Jun-18 24-Jun-18 Topical Church Camp
30-Jun-18 1-Jul-18 Youth in a global city God’s Design
 7-Jul-18 8-Jul-18 Acts 9:19b – 31 The Exchanged Life Book of Acts
14-Jul-18 15-Jul-18 Acts 9:32 – 11:18 Mission to the Gentiles Book of Acts
21-Jul-18 22-Jul-18 Acts 11:19 – 12:24 Growing Pains Book of Acts
28-Jul-18 29-Jul-18 Acts 11:19-30, 4:36-37, 9:26-31 You can be a Barnabas! Book of Acts
4-Aug-18 5-Aug-18 Acts 13-14 Paul’s 1st missionary journey: Responding to God’s call Book of Acts
11-Aug-18 12-Aug-18 Acts 15 – 16:5 Resolving conflicts Book of Acts
18-Aug-18 19-Aug-18 Acts 16 – 17:15 Paul’s 2nd missionary journey – Following the Spirit Book of Acts
25-Aug-18 26-Aug-18 Acts 17:16-34 City of idols Book of Acts
1-Sep-18 2-Sep-18 Acts 18-19 Paul’s 3rd missionary journey: Good News strategy Book of Acts
8-Sep-18 9-Sep-18 Acts 20 – 21:14 Heart of an Apostle Book of Acts
15-Sep-18 16-Sep-18 Acts 21:15 – 22:30 The Gospel at Stake! Book of Acts
22-Sep-18 23-Sep-18 Acts 23-26 The Gospel on Trial Book of Acts
29-Sep-18 30-Sep-18 Acts 27-28 Following God’s Lead Book of Acts
6-Oct-18 7-Oct-18  John 17 In but not of the world God’s Design
14-Oct-18 Church of the Lost Sheep Missional
20-Oct-18 21-Oct-18 Church of the Good Samaritans Missional
27-Oct-18 28-Oct-18 Church of the Prodigals Missional
3-Nov-18 4-Nov-18 Rest in the global city (Vacationing) Special
10-Nov-18 11-Nov-18 Trinity Sunday Special
18-Nov-18 The Importance of Church Membership II Special
24-Nov-18 25-Nov-18 Seniors in the global city God’s Design
1-Dec-18 2-Dec-18 Disability and the Gospel Life Questions
8-Dec-18 9-Dec-18 Sexual Brokenness and the Gospel Life Questions
15-Dec-18 16-Dec-18 Poverty and the Gospel Life Questions
22-Dec-18 23-Dec-18 Sicknesses and the Gospel Life Questions
29-Dec-18 30-Dec-18 Year-end Thanksgiving Service Special